Golf Tournament May 7, 2016 Speech


Welcome to the 5th annual Amazing Gracie’s Golf Scramble! I honestly cannot believe that this is our 5th tournament. Four years ago our family experienced the unthinkable. Our daughter, Gracie passed away from cancer. We were sad, angry, shocked and desperate to do something to keep her memory alive and to help others. We gathered a committee of family and friends and they helped us grieve Gracie’s death and gave us ways to keep her memory alive by starting a foundation. I remember sitting in our living room with our current board members in March of 2012, 2 months after Gracie’s passing and deciding to begin this journey and start with a fundraising golf tournament. We had no idea what we were doing but we all worked hard and quickly to get a golf tournament ready in 2 months, and we did it! In May that year we held our first golf tournament. The weather was beautiful, we had 36 golf teams, a wonderful team of volunteers, great auction prizes and we raised an amazing amount of money to help others. At that point in time I didn’t know what was going to happen with our foundation… would it be successful, would we still be having golf tournaments in 5 years? Well the answer was yes! Here we are 5 years later with beautiful weather, over 36 golf teams, the same wonderful volunteers and auction prizes and still raising a great amount of money to help others. I am so thankful that the success of this tournament and our foundation has not changed- the smiles, laughter and support from all of you still exists 5 years later and it is amazing!

Over the years we have tried to come up with a good motto for our foundation and last year it finally came to us- Be Amazing. This year there was no need for me to think of something new as it continues to perfectly suit our foundation and all of you, our supporters.

So with that said- I want to Thank you for Being amazing . I’m not sure if you realize how amazing you were today: We had over 160 amazing golfers, over 15 amazing volunteers, over 100 donations from some amazing people and businesses, and some amazing sponsorships totaling over $10,000

Not only are our supporters amazing, but so are the people and places we help. These places and people are what inspire us each day. So with that said please:

  • Be Amazing like the RMH of Albany. A place that provides comfort, hope, love, and support for so many families. The RMH now has more room for love in their new house and can hold up to 25 families. One of those rooms was built in Gracie’s name. It is beautiful, warm, comforting and totally amazing.
  • Be Amazing like Jack Day and his family. Jack battled cancer for many years and passed away 1 year ago this August. His family is keeping his memory alive and educating others on melanoma and sun safety through an event called Jack’s Ride. Please donate and help out with this amazing cause also!
  • Be Amazing like all the kids who are so bravely fighting for their lives and also BE Amazing for the children and families our foundation has helped:
    • Be Amazing like Angela who is 10 years old and is battling neuroblastoma.
    • Be Amazing like Barrett who is 3 months old and has been in the hospital since the day he was born with complex congenital heart disease.
    • Be Amazing like Catherine who is 18 months old and is battling neuroblastoma.
    • Be Amazing like Brendon, a 15 year old who recently passed away after battling a rare carcinoma.
    • Be Amazing like Leah who is 5 months old and has just been placed on Hospice with end stage renal failure.

And lastly, my motto and what keeps me going on a daily basis – Be Amazing like Gracie.

Thank you for the past five years. Let’s keep it going and make it to 10 years!

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