Spread the word and Gracie’s love…

One simple way to spread the word of Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation from near and far is through parties or special occasions such as birthday parties and wedding receptions.

  1. Spread the word: Be sure to notify your family and friends that in lieu of birthday gifts you ask that they make a donation of any amount to Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation. For weddings notify each table by a special message that you have made a donation to the foundation in lieu of wedding favors. Birthday party invites and wedding favors are the perfect way to spread the word about our foundation and it’s goals. (Please contact us if you would like to purchase specially made birthday invites or wedding favor cards by the Foundation).
  2. Hold your party: Celebrate your birthday or wedding reception and have a blast!
  3. Send in your donations: After your party, please send your donations from your event to:

Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation
PO Box 134
Mohawk, NY 13407 

Thank your supporters: Make sure to share any stories, photos, or videos you may have with us!

Contact us for more information about your birthday event or wedding.