Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

As we come to the end of a successful year, we want to thank those who have contributed to our success. Many have asked how they can help or donate this year to Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation. This is the perfect time to show those around you how much you care. For those who are hard to buy for, consider making a donation in honor of them or in memory of someone special as a gift this year. In return, your donation will be recognized with a card mentioning your gesture.

Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to provide support, hope and memories to families fighting pediatric cancer or a life threatening illness. We know that memories are one of the most important gifts you can have when your child is faced with a life threatening disease. Our hope is to help families create memories that will last a lifetime. We are one of the very few foundations that will help families with children under the age of 2 ½ create everlasting memories. Our mission is carried out in three unique ways to help families get through the toughest times in their lives. Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation aims to provide gifts of support to families of children with cancer or a terminal illness. We will provide gifts of monetary donations to families in need of financial assistance and/or gifts to create memories to needy families of children with cancer or a terminal illness.

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