A Night of Grace FAQs

Q:  When do I need to purchase tickets by?

A:  All tickets at $75 must be purchased by October 31st. After October 31st ticket prices will be $85.


Q:  When will I receive my tickets for the event?

A:  No tickets will be distributed for the event.  Instead a guest list will be created for admission to the event.  Just provide your name and/or the names in your party when you arrive on the date of the event.


Q:  Are drinks included in the ticket price?

A:  Yes, there will be soft drinks, beer, wine, soda and mixed drinks.  Please drink responsibly or arrange to have a designated driver.


Q:  How old do I have to be to attend the event?

A:  Because there is an open bar, you must be 21 to attend the event.


Q:  Will there be a sit-down dinner?

A:  No, instead there will be a variety of food stations with appetizers and hors d’ouvres and desserts.


Q:  How do I get to Francesca’s?

A:  Francesca’s is located on 144 East Main Street in Ilion, NY. Click here for Google Maps Directions.  You can find directions and hotel information on their web page at francescasbanquets.com


Q:  What do I wear to the event?

A:  Cocktail attire is suggested.


Q:  Will people in my group be able to sit together?

A:  While there will be tables and chairs throughout the hall, everything will be done cocktail style so there is no need to have reserved tables. However, 5 tables will be available for reservation.


Q:  How do I reserve a table?

A:  There will be 5 tables available for reservation.  You must pay the $800 one time fee to reserve your table for 10.  When you arrive at the Night of Grace there will be a reserved sign with your name on it at one of the tables.


If you have  other questions, you can contact us directly or leave the question below in the comments section. Thanks!

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