Golf Tournament 2020

Dear Friends, Supporters, Sponsors, Golfers, Volunteers and Family,

It is with heavy hearts that we, at Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation, have decided to cancel our golf tournament this year due to the pandemic.  It is important to our foundation to make sure you are all safe. Even if social distancing is lifted, a large group outing at this time does not feel safe to us.

The golf tournament is our main fundraising event each year, as we typically raise $25,000 or more.  We know times are tough for so many people and small businesses right now. If you are able to and would still like to donate to Amazing Gracie’s Gift to help us meet our goal, it would be appreciated by us and so many of our families.

We have been extremely busy this month as children continue to need treatment during this crisis.  Amazing Gracie’s Gift has been able to help these families find safe places to stay during treatments.  We have also been trying to lift the spirits of many children and their families as they are confined to their hospital rooms or homes. Each situation is unique and we continue to do all we can to help these families.

We are very humbled by the sponsorships that have already come in.  These sponsorships and any future sponsors will be recognized at our next event in November, Night of Grace.  Amazing Gracie’s Gift foundation has thus far received $10,000 in sponsorships.  Can you help us reach our goal of $25,000? 

We will miss the great joy that the golf tournament brings to us. The smiles we see and the laughs we hear each year from our golfers, volunteers, donors and supporters motivates us to continue our mission.   Each year I am blown away by the amount of support we receive on this day.  The golf tournament and auction will be physically absent this year, but it will be on our minds and in our hearts.  If you sponsor, golf or donate to the golf tournament each year, please consider donating to our online fundraiser on social media or on our website  as a way to keep giving in place of your normal contribution.

Thank you for your continued support.  We couldn’t do this without you.  We wish you all good health as you stay safe at home.  We’ll be back next year and it will be Amazing!

Be Amazing,

Lisa and Geoff Lawton


The Board at Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation

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